by My Tulpa

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released July 21, 2014

Tobi Omola-Trumpet
Alexandra Harmel-Violin
TJ Boudreaux-Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Andrew Boudreau-Drums, Mixing, Mastering, Production



all rights reserved


My Tulpa Massachusetts

Just trying to make pop music for the unpopular

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Track Name: Ronald
I was riding the rails in Baltimore when this man came up to me
He said oh son I know I'm the one and I've gotta come clean
He said oh boy oh man oh joy well I've just met god
He's mad as hell were down the well without a single prayer

And he was Ronald my man
He was Ronald god damn
And he told me to tell the people of the world

I asked him if he'd heard his plan and he said he had
He said he's gonna find and kill every single man
And keep the women on a shelf because that's his game
Repopulate the world himself to put us to shame

Oh Ronald oh no
Oh Ronald please show us the way to a suicidal place

By now it was getting late and he said he had to go
He pulled a gun and shot me once then took my dough
As I was bleeding screaming and rolling on the floor
I thanked him once I thanked him twice then he was out the door

After a while I pulled myself out a cigarette
Another man came up to me with a stick of meth
He said oh boy oh man oh joy guess who I just met
I looked and turned to ask if he was death
Track Name: Dazed
Ten miles down the road
I gotta feeling I'm going home
And I'm getting older
The weathers getting colder
Chillin out by myself
I'm going through hell
Oh well oh well

Heard a sound from far away
Made me think of another day
Close by but a mile high
Well I sigh
As I see what I've become
Banished from where I started off
I’m better off

Passed out in an alleyway
Flying high on a summers day
Watching as the clouds
Explode into the ground

Well I'm back and I survived
I'm dead but I'm alive
Wondering how this
Could ever come to pass
Track Name: Unexplainable
You never cease to amaze
after hundreds of days
And hundreds of nights
You still try to fight
Still try to cleanse
With walls so dense
That you've lived in for too long

And it might seem you're slowly
Going insane
But you don't need this shit
To numb your pain
Just embrace it
And you'll be alright
Follow instructions
Till the black turns to white

No it's just not that easy for me to give up
I need you to be strong in a place so corrupt

I want to just tell you
Of the things we will see
Everything in our future
Is just another memory
I have so much more
I wish I could say
But I must be going
No I cannot stay

Well it's so unexplainable and I wish that I
Could make you feel better for the rest of this time
Track Name: Not This Time
Because of you
I'm still wearing shoes
Instead of wearing wings
Because of me
We're in misery
But you won't admit that it's my fault

I'm so sick of your fits
Give me your hands
and ill make them fists
I hope that one lands

So can you tell
I'm dead gone to hell
And so glad they serve tears
So can you speak
Your child is a freak
He sure ain't coming back

So please give me your word
I'll give you mine
You must not have heard
Cause that's the right line

Well I feel bled
So fucked in the head
And I keep wasting time
Well I'm not right
Today now tonight
So lets all just fall down

It's not worth it this time
Can't do nothing
So please let me die
With my grudge in a sling

Not this time
Oh no not this time
You have come
A long way

Not this time
Oh no not this time
I can’t make
Any guarantees

Not this time
Not this time
Track Name: Gemini
Don't go like my brother
Don't go like my twin
Once he's forgotten
I'll start again
Can't think of a reason
Why I should go
The cold isn't numbing
But the pumping is slow

I know that you want to leave
Just please don't
Abandon me

You want to find me
Look down below
Beneath the sewers
Euphrates flows
Where's my nectar
Keeps me melancholic
If I'm not a rockstar
I'll be a alcoholic

And I know you wanna leave
Just please don't
Abandon me

Where's that face
I could've grew up with
It's in the mirror
The one I screw up with
Track Name: Daymares
Spinning always spinning
Till I'm back at the beginning
Of a nightmare that starts when I wake up

And I'm hoping and I'm praying
That one word that you are saying
Will reach it's way to my drunken mind

And I'm wishing and I'm dreaming
That one day all of this screaming
Will stop I'll stay asleep in bed

But for now I'm always grinning
Even though I keep on sinning
These people look away from me

I fucking hope
One day these dreams will stop
I'll go smoke some pot
With my loser friends

And I burst
Oh no it's not the first
Really just an
Allergic reaction

Spinning always spinning
Till I'm back at the beginning
Of a dream that starts when I wake up

My legs are always breaking
With each step I'm taking
I'll limp to the watering hole

The truth has kept me hardened
And left me disheartened
A soldier with his first kill

Yeah I'm cracking and I'm breaking
And my body's always aching
Eighteen's taken it's toll

And I'm wishing and I'm dreaming
That one day all of this screaming
Will stop I'll stay asleep in bed

These daymares are real
They're eating me away
Slowly decomposing
My nerves are numb and frayed

Spinning always spinning
Till I'm back at the beginning
Of a daymare that starts when I wake up

Spinning always spinning
Spinning always spinning
Yeah I'm waking up