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"Misanthropy is a year documented in sound. Each song is talking about a specific chapter in the time that I lived in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. When I was writing this album I was grappling with ideas of love, friends, insanity, substance abuse, and general disdain for the outside world. I like to think I've communicated my own feelings of helplessness and hopefulness into these ten songs each one no longer than 3:00. I sincerely hope people enjoy it.

-Love TJ Boudreaux"


released June 19, 2015

Andrew Boudreau-Production and Drums
TJ Boudreaux-Music
Colin Ashen-Drums on Don't



all rights reserved


My Tulpa Massachusetts

Just trying to make pop music for the unpopular

Booking/contact us at mytulpaofficial@gmail.com

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Track Name: Left
If I'm gone before you wake
Please don't hesitate
And if I'm dead without a pulse
please just let me be

And no one really gets you
Yeah no one really cares
No one really gets you like I do
Track Name: Thanks
She gets me off her mind
I'll get her off in time
She's never far behind

Yeah I am thankful for
Always giving more
Yeah I am ungrateful
for your love
Yeah I am thankful for
Always giving more
Giving more

We're always in between
Stuck in each other's dreams
I know she'll come for me
Track Name: Burnt Photos
Well I packed up all your shit
Burnt it to the ground
And photos didn't yell like you
As they were burning down

I singed all of our memories
Snapped the synapses
It didn't hurt like I thought it would
Just stung a bit

I'll bury you
I'll bury you
I'll bury you
Oho yeah
I'll bury you
I'll bury you
I'll bury you
Oho yeah
Track Name: Only Lonely
Being depressed
ain't the same as it used to be
I sit at home
And I think of you losing me
To someone
Who never cared
But it just doesn't matter
Cause I'm not scared
Any more

You cannot take what you haven't given
To me

Being repressed ain't the same as it used to be
I sit home and I think
Of you usually
It doesn't really help
And it's just not fair
But it doesn't really matter
Cause you don't care

I will never be better
What is that anyway
It's just an excuse
To make it through the day
This self appointed loneliness
Is crushing me inside
It hurts to wake up
When you drink all the time
Track Name: Exit Bag
Breathe it in
You'll begin
To drift away

You'll regret
All the time
That you'll get

The gentle waves
You will stay
Forever clear
Far from here
Track Name: True Trash
Maria says "when are you gonna move out?"
Teddy says "I need to be alone now"
She looks and she scoffs and closes the door hard
He looks as she goes cause she's got her heart

Just grab your coat
Close your throat
Nobody said living was easy
My Maria

Teddy gets anxious living without her
Drinking down highballs sniffing up downers
Maria is fine she knows he's a loser
Maria is lonely sleeping with suitors again

I'll grab your throat
Open your coat
Nobody said leaving was easy
My Maria
Track Name: Don't
Don't give up on me
Cause I
I want you to see
Me here

Don't give up on me
Cause I
I can clearly dream
You dead

You hurt me so
So bad
Track Name: Spoiled
I want to be a carpet fiber
In the bedroom
Where he ties
her up

I want to be a clock on the wall
In the lobby
Where they wish
For luck

Anything is better
Than were I am right now
I said that last year

I want to be a lone survivor
On an island
With no hope
Or god

I want to be a happy person
In a lifestyle
That I want
with you
Track Name: Binge
You used to tell me to stay right here
I've been waiting for this to clear

It's not so good when I drink it down
A night in jail a trip downtown
Track Name: October 27th
When will you know dear
How to just hold me
Closer to you

I've been waiting so
So just hurt me slowly

Stop growing please love
I'm growing weak love
For weeks without you

You never showed
You never showed me how to live without you

I've been breathing fine
I've been breathing fine love
When will I find love that I'm deserving
So undeserving
Someone like me