by My Tulpa

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Seems to me I'm an affable nitwit
Choking on thoughts of the girls that I been with
Walking down streets looking through windows
Not trying to stalk but I'm quiet as the wind blows
I've been talking bout living every goddam year
I've been thinking bout dying since I landed here
And most definitely human cause I show every sign
But I can't give a reason why I jog down the line
Taking shots for criminals and I don't even mind
I'm a martyr when I want and the most troubled kind

Where's the last inkling of that idea that I had
Trying to listen to a voice that doesn't seem mad
That doesn't yell all the time and make petty squabbles
That doesn't drink before school and talks while he wobbles
Staying up through the day just to wake up at night
So give me a new feeling that seems to excite

Trying to get to the spot where the bong water flows
Where the hills have eyes and the trees have crows
That peck at the eyes of the fortunate ones
Who scream as they get to close to the sons
Who died in the wars of the holy land
Picked up by fates cold frozen hand
Forgotten heroes translate to today
The warriors on the streets of LA
Seen the paintings on the alley walls
They had to go cause duty calls
Killed the corrupt that are sworn to protect
But it seems they just shove the knife in the neck
Into the innocents who can't deny
They do evil deeds just to survive

Keep to myself so introverted
Can't figure out why I'm not perfect
Growing up against gravity
Going way to fast for me


released November 30, 2013
Andrew Boudreau-Production
TJ Boudreau-Rap



all rights reserved


My Tulpa Massachusetts

Just trying to make pop music for the unpopular

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